The Maatricht Gaels First Hurling and Camogie Tournament!

Last Saturday, the Gaels hosted teams from Amsterdam, Belgium, Den Haag, and Eindhoven for a mini Hurling and Camogie Tournament.

The Hurling Team
The Camogie Team

Sunshine, Clear Skies, and an Irish spirit through the air

A historic day as the Gaels see their first Hurling and Camogie wins!

It seemed like the ideal day for some hurling and camogie!
Our newly formed hurling team was hungry for a win, and they started out the tournament against Belgium in a formidable spirit, and ended up losing only by a few points.
Well rested under the shade of a nearby tree, the team switched up the formation and went up against Amsterdam. While they managed to take an early lead, from a goal and a point from our number 8 Jack, the visitors fought back in the second half to snatch away a win. However, the team looked fluid and lively.

A few changes and a sizable break later, we faced Den Haag in an exciting match up that featured a number of goals and points. A nail biter till the end, the Gaels unfortunately lost by only one point! Determined to obtain a win, the Gaels set out for the final match up against Eindhoven. Helped on by two own goals, the Gaels kept up the pressure on the offence, and clenched a victory with a lead of two points!

The freshly formed camogie team similarly echoed the hunger for a win! We started the tournament against Belgium, a match that ended in an unfortunate loss. Nevertheless, undeterred by the loss, we matched up against Eindhoven, to comfortably register the Camogie team’s first victory!
Following the break in the second round, the Camogie team played against Belgium, and then a close match against Eindhoven that saw the Gaels lose by only two points!

All in all, a thrilling day that featured some fantastic games of Hurling and Camogie!
The following Saturday, the Gaels will host the first BeNeLux Regional Football & Ladies Football Championship from 14:00 – 19:00.

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